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Simplify the way you clip, share, track, and curate all your content … online and off.

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memit’s one-click solution lets you save, collect, tag, collaborate, share, and track anything, on any device ... all within the cloud service you already trust​.

Replace Evernote, Readability, and Pocket’s PRO features for FREE!

Key features

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    Save anything

    Store articles, personal notes, videos, images, bookmarks, presentations, and upload files all with a single click.

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    Publish your stored content across all your social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

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    Find it

    Easily retrieve your content online or off through a powerful search engine and unique filters like properties and types.

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    Stay organized

    Organize your content into collections and add your own tags to curate what
    matters most.

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    Showcase your knowledge

    Display your content beautifully on your custom profile page. You decide what to make public and keep private.

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    Share collections with co-workers, fellow students, or friends and gather all your content and research in one place.

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    Access from anywhere

    Retrieve and browse your content from any device, on any platform, online or off.

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    Get inspired

    Follow people and collections that interest you and discover new content when you need it.

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    Features to come

    We’re working hard on adding social media analytics, influence statistics, topic- and people-based inspiration streams, embeddable content, and more!