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User Stories

  • Emma the creative mind

    memit presents things much more appealing visually. It makes my files come alive.

  • Lisa the consultant

    I simply get around to publishing much more often. Because I can do it with just one click from cloud provider.

  • Johnthe Phd. student

    memit makes it much easier to organize information. With one click webpages are copied to my cloud provider – where I keep all my other documents.

memit helps you get more out of what you know

  • Smarter Research

    With a single click memit helps you find, store and organize information. Research has never been easier.

  • Integrated Publishing

    memit lets you publish any piece of content from your cloud provider folder with a single click - directly to your favorite social platform.

  • Impact Measurement

    Publishing is all about making an impact. With memit you get statistics in one central place.