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memit’s one-click solution lets you save, collect, tag, collaborate, share, and track anything, on any device ... all within the cloud service you already trust​.

Replace Evernote, Readability, and Pocket’s PRO features for FREE!

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  • it combines the functionalities of multiple tools into one, simple interface — Forbes
  • memit for teams or freelancers takes the natural and organic way people connect and moves it online — SUCCESS.COM
  • memit integrates directly with cloud storage so you can stick to the “one place” rule without losing the look and feel of tools like Evernote — LIFE HACKER
  • an efficient way to collect resources and collaborate — THE NEXT WEB
  • my favorite feature is the thematic collections, which I use to share resources with my own remote writers — CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE
  • use tools like memit that allow your organization to collect, tag, and share their favorite finds across departments and within teams — SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINER
  • instead of spreading your content and files across multiple applications, consider an integrated tool like memit — Econsultancy
  • memit collects a company's "best-of" materials, like online videos, blog posts, and even legal paperwork all in one place — Fastcompany
  • memit is a new favorite of mine that replaced a host of clipping, storing, and sharing tools — HUFFINGTON POST
  • is the most efficient way to save resources and enrich teamwork — TECH.CO
  • one of the tools millennials rely on for collaboration and productivity in the workplace — Entrepreneur
  • a simple way to decrease complications and eliminate friction — BUSINESS INSIDER
  • combining curation and sharing into one secure and shareable platform dramatically simplifies collaborative research — BUSINESS.COM
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With so much great content on the Web, being able to save anything and view it later is fantastic.

The problem is ...

Until now you’ve had to spread your stored content -- along with your own personal to-do lists, notes, and important files -- across as many as ten different tools.

Key features

  • Save anything

    Store articles, personal notes, videos, images, bookmarks, presentations, and upload files all with a single click.

  • Stay organized

    Organize your content into collections and add your own tags to keep track of what matters most.

  • Find it

    Easily retrieve your content online or off through a powerful search engine and unique filters like properties and types.

  • Share

    Publish your stored content across all your social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

  • Showcase your knowledge

    Display your content beautifully on your own custom profile page. You decide what to make public and keep private.

  • Collaborate

    Share articles, files, or entire collections with your friends, fellow students, group members, or co-worker.

  • Access from anywhere

    Retrieve and browse your content from any device, on any platform,
    online or off.

  • Get inspired

    Follow people and collections that interest you and discover new content when you need it.

  • ... And much more

    Social media analytics, influence statistics, topic and people-based inspiration streams, embeddable content...

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